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Unique vintage items
At DSupcycling you’ll find a extensive range of vintage articles. Nothing common or commercially exploited, rather unique, stylish must-haves to provide your interior with that specific finishing touch.
Creative re-usage
Imperfections are our inspiration, they are our creativity boosters. The result? Objects which are being transformed into true interior gems or upcycled to their full worth again, doing them just, for your future enjoyment.
Turning old into new
We make it our business to transform old materials and salvaged items to contemporary items in a vintage coat, or at least an ‘out with the old, in with the new’ coat as far as upcycling is concerned.

Rent a set!

In search of unique items and/or complete sets, vintage and/or upcycled, to boost your professional working environment?  DSUpcycling lets you rent them for a single event or for a longer period of time.

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Purchasing antique furniture -> DS Upcycling

Do you have a particular preference for antique furniture? Would you like to expand your own collection and are you scouting for true gems? Look no further, cause at DSUpcycling you’ll have no problem finding your next favourite item on your wish list.
Interested in purchasing antique furniture? Let our expertise and knowledge guide you on your way. We hope to sweep you off your feet with our collection of antique and vintage furniture.

We are more than antique furniture alone

DS Upcycling is all about ‘upcycling’, the re-usage or salvaging of items that would otherwise end up on the scrapyard.  We both engage into salvaging potential pieces which are being added to our stock after they have been restored to their full worth again. Our hunting grounds come in the shape of an extended network which developed over the last few years; both nationally as internationally. Next to that, we often visit antique markets/garage sales, scouting for the items of which we believe are worth the second ‘upcycled’ life. This gives us infinite chances at scoring the best items. 

Interested in purchasing antique furniture? We are happy to inform you that selling antique furniture is one of our specialties. Interested in something more specific, which you can’t find in stock? Hunting for that customized/special gem is what we are so passionate about, so feel free to challenge us! Do you have a beating heart for retro, vintage and antiquities? Feel welcome then and make yourself comfortable as you are browsing through our collections.

From our webshop to your front door

Interested in purchasing antique furniture? Do you go crazy over the look and feel exhumed by such pieces? Have you decided on an item, but with added questions in terms of specifications? Feel free to contact us, we’d be happy to help you sort things through!